Our Story

As native Texans we set out to create products that come from our land. While working in Corporate America, where we researched brands and products, we suddenly had an itch to build something of our own — so we went out and did it.

What makes Cedar Valley a fascinating story isn't that "gotcha" moment that all successful entrepreneurs seem to have in common, but rather the fact we started a company without any intention of starting one.

This crazy idea of candle making started for us in 2021 as a fun hobby to make something unique for our own home. After perfecting the candle making process for ourselves, we branched out to selling our candles to family & friends and soon began selling online. In just a few short months, we now have expanded our candle collections to offer exceptional and high quality artisan soy candles for all!

At Cedar Valley Shop, we expect excellence in our products. Why soy? Soy candles have a lower melting point and provides a clean burn unlike traditional paraffin candles, allowing our candles to burn up to 60% longer without compromising your health. Cedar Valley candles are highly fragranced, hand-poured by yours truly in small batches and made with only the finest of ingredients. We hope you love our candles as much as we do!

-Richard & Dacia